Portrait of man on a cold day from Jaisalmer, Rajasthan
Man covered with blanket | Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India

120 Replies to “Cold”

  1. Ah! This is such a beautiful photograph and speaks volumes, wrinkles, face expressions and all. Like a breath of fresh air…… Love it! See? I was right when I said, “you’re the best”! You’d just strayed, that’s all. But, I can see that you’re back with a bang! Very nice and please keep ’em comin’! :)

  2. i see experience folded inside those folded layers of skin.a life which has seen several cold days & has now learn to keep one’s soul warm.loved the contrasting colors
    nice click buddy

  3. Your photographs speak for them self, and yes I can feel the “cold” also. Why are you doing this to your fans,one photograph at a time….I wish I could be your subject once…

  4. Good photograph. Bit dark for me though. I guess the orange color could be de-saturated a bit. Or it could be my monitor. Love the focus on the face.

    How have you been. Long time…

  5. Deep contemplation folds the past back into the present where lines are no longer creased or blurry.

    Beautiful as always! Love your explorations of life and beauty.

  6. Joshi, Lovely composition. Well seen and well framed. I do think that there is a yellow cast affecting skin tones. I would assume a lil desaturated yellow would make this better – or is this only my desktop screen!! :-(

  7. Nice picture… Sometimes there is so much you can read in a face and sometimes, it conveys a moment of deep thought or a life of depth that you want to know about but there is only silence…

  8. I love the warmth of colours in this one. :)

    BTW, went to the Kala Ghoda festival and saw a lot of photographs. A particular set seemed familiar and then I realized they were yours. Boy did they look good!

    Keep the good work going :)

  9. Un travail d’orfèvre, une lumière finement ciselée et gérée pour un angle de prise de vue original, ce portrait est une grande réussite !!!
    Félicitations pour votre travail !!
    Bonne journée

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