Pottery making from Tamil Nadu
Pottery | Tamil Nadu, India

107 Replies to “Pottery”

  1. Awesome…
    It’s the dark skinned skills-men who make the fair pots for God’s prasadam too…but then they’re refused entry into the god’s abode on basis of discrimination…Whatta weird world…!!!

  2. You’ve made beautiful use of the light and the movement! Fantastic photo with great colors and composition. PS You know it’s snowing on your site?! :)

  3. I love the motiv and the colours in your picture. The lightning is beautiful.

    Is it stars or snowflakes falling down here in/on your blog ? :)

    Mariehugs from Norway

  4. This is a fabulous photo, kind of action in art?? His hamds is giving me this feeling!
    I see the snow is falling at your place! I Norway, Trondheim we have some of that stuff, and it is cold as well, -15 this weekend…

  5. Wow Dan. I really like the fine hold of the hands and moving pot. Nicely shot to get some real good light there.

    Ahh it’s snowing on your blog :) what plans for Christmas.

  6. J’aime la finesse de ton cliché qui se marie parfaitment avec la finesse du geste artisanal du sujet. C’est avec beaucoup de délicatesse que tu nous fais profiter de ces moments rares. Bravo pour cette très belle série…

  7. Just Too Good!!! thanx for the add in facebook.. hope we stay in touch… give me some tips on Fotografy too… i am a Big Big fan of yours…..

  8. U have really mastered yourself in lightning effects. The difference between the dried clay and wet part can be easily made out…..its superb :-) !!!

  9. worth appreciation…

    I always wish I could capture photos with such an effect… then I convince myself that If I would be able to do so then I would have to start Abhilash Pillai photography and Life at Abhi would never exist. ;)

  10. So featured realism! A great beam of light on his hands and pottery and slight apperance of his body in the darkness, giving a depiction of the special time craftman experienced!

  11. Lighting is beautiful.. and I can see you have done something to the colors to bring about kind of a vintage look. It looks awesome.

  12. Excellent photograph, nice light.

    Joshi hope all is well. Stopping by to wish you happy holidays. Let them be filled with love and peace. Lots of good health. Best wishes in 2011, and I guess I will see you next year to see more of your great photography.

    Anna :)

  13. hi photographer,
    I really like the atmosphere and environments that u have captured in most of your categories.
    i have found you on google while searching photoblogs from pakistan……i know quite strange as you are from india but it is google………so cant say..but i loved visiting here.
    i invite you to visit my photo blog and leave even if u like just one photo,,i’ll be highly obliged..

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