An intense look

Portrait of a woman with an intense look frorm Bangalore, India
Woman with an intense look | Koramangala, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

126 Replies to “An intense look”

  1. WOW!!! What can I say? THIS photograph looks SO good Danny! A wonderfully captured expression… there’s so much going on in her mind I can almost ‘read’ it all. I’m so proud of you and consider myself bless to know someone as gifted as you! Good job! I’m really sorry about NOT liking the nude woman! It’s just that I personally think you bring forth SSSOOOO much more! But, I LOVE THIS ONE…… so, thought I’d let you know! :-)

  2. Great shot Joshi, this expression is very intense indeed, wow, you can imagine the experiences in her life without knowing her.

    (My blog has changed to a new address, I invite you for a visit if you like)

  3. Your photoblog is simply amazing. Your portraiture is some of the best I have seen. You’ve gotten amazing detail in this photo. I only wish it was bigger to see it better :) Nicely done!

  4. Mais que c’est bon tout ca !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! J’adore ces surprises du Net qui nous met comme ca sans rien dire … des petites merveilles sous les yeux ! Bravo !!!

  5. Tout dans le regard, une très grande intensité captée !!!
    Un portrait magnifique, et un traitement très réussi !!
    Un travail superbe, félicitation et bon week end

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