Tired feet

Feet of a young boy who was sleeping in the platform of Dadar railway station in Mumbai, India
Feet of a young boy | Dadar station, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

79 Replies to “Tired feet”

  1. nice pic pandee.. n congrats for being listed in the top ten for Smithsonian magazine’s 7th annual photo contest … you deserve it and to be selected over 60,000 entries is itself a milestone.. way to go:) .fly away jushi.. :P

    the feet looks like its taking a rest after a long day … nice work..

  2. Exemplary…Super from a Photography standpoint and Congratulations on your achievement!!!

    From the person standpoint, I can only what this person would have gone through…its not just experience but the hardship!!!

  3. Wow…… I’m speechless, Danny! What an awesome concept! Who would think that an individual’s ‘FEET’ can be made to come alive and narrate a heart – wrenching story of their own? As usual, I love it! :)

  4. I wouldn’t have guessed that was the feet of a young boy at first sight… very sad to see. it’s a good photo though, good idea to focus on the feet instead of the face… it’s a strong picture.

  5. This photo, simple but says so much…tells a bigger story…as with all your images impressive…CONGRATULATIONS on the placement of your other shot…very well deserved!!

  6. This is a beautiful image. the feet feel very tired and worn. very nicely captured.

    and congrats on the photo contest!! I love that image of the guy making pottery. it is certainly a winner :)

  7. d pic is really gud1!! but mor dan dat i wud appreciate u for finding such an interesting subject to shoot in d busy dadar station!! quite an enormous task!!! 4m now onwards apart from luking up for trains i wud walk wit my eyes down to find somthing so interesting lik dis
    and all d best or shud i congratualte u for d 1st prize!! its urs trust me afterall d pic is really awesom!!!

  8. Good evening Daniel, I hope that you pass excellent month of Mars, and that this week is better than mine;) congratulation to be chosen that pleases is this step?

    It is a beautiful moving and moving photography at once(at the same time), that hurts to see all people who do not still have of what to eat nor of what get dressed or even no roof nevertheless we are in 21st century and the poverty(misery) continues to exist..
    It is always the poor men who pay the full price!

    Kiss and good Friday to you!

  9. Unusual subject…. A pictorial ode to hard labour.
    This picture makes me sad, yet in some ways inspires me, stirs contemplation… all at once!

  10. It would be cliché to say those feet speak volumes; nonetheless, they seem to speak for all humanity. Love how you focus on the minute details and yet say so much.

  11. Joshi, there is a deep sensitivity in so many of your photos. It may be documentation, but it is done from a deeper place and with compassion.

    You have such a variety of photos! I’m going to enjoy visiting your site often.
    Keep up the great work!

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