Ganga Aarti

A priest holds a large fire bowl in his hand during an evening aarti at har ki pauri in Haridwar
Ganga Aarti | Har ki Pauri, Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India

A priest holds a large fire bowl in the hand during the evening Aarti (prayer) at dusk offered to Goddess Ganga at Har-Ki-Pauri.

78 Replies to “Ganga Aarti”

  1. Nice take man, I liked this pic as I felt some inner message ! which I cant “SEE” ….and as always, ur always there @ the right time Cheers mate…

  2. i am looking at the effort that went into taking this picture.

    The long days of train, bus & foot journeys, the sleeping in local rooms, and what all not ..

    joshi… n v u :-) u resemble a spirit full of freedom

    .. and the pic .. brilliant composition.

  3. The dark background gives the whole room to the splendid flame, it is perfect and the movement is so strong in that diagonale in fire !

  4. Da! Beautiful snap! I have always wanted to visit Hridwar. Lucky guy! There was a beautiful documentary of the ganges in Discovery travel and living. Beautiful take macha!

  5. I am really amazed how you have managed lighting in this shot… too much is going on here usually. Not really easy to have such balanced composition. But you have really managed this brilliantly.

  6. Exquisitely Beautiful and I love knowing and hearing about the context of the action. The priest seems to be truly directing the energy of the moment towards a soon to be manifested outcome.

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