Shattered dreams

Shattered dreams of a cute little girl who sells roses in marine drive mumbai
Cute little rose seller | Marine drive, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

This cute little girl is forced to sell roses on the streets. In an age when they are supposed to study and play this girl is forced to work or end up being beaten for not working.

70 Replies to “Shattered dreams”

  1. Wonderful portrait & use of available light – sad storyline! Life is very unfair & a reminder to us in our comfortable western existence that we’re very, very fortunate!

  2. I know, I see them around here a lot too … heartbreaking and she’s such a beautiful girl. Fantastic photo and strong title .. the way she’s looking at the skyline in the background, knowing she will never live in such a place.

  3. be positive joshi… who knows may b shes the one who might be walking the ramps in later ages.. portray her courage were she is facing the destiny… , shes as beautiful as the rose she holds , every rose has a torn in that.. its the same case as of u and me dude.
    Spread the courage through your blog. Buy all the roses from her when you see her next time make her work easy, and i shall owe you those

  4. Pretty hard hitting. You’d think after how far we have come as a race we’d get this kind of thing fixed, particularly in a country that can afford a pretty active space and military programme.

  5. as someone pointed out, we are not yet to decide if it is shattered dreams or not :) she had a bad start, but look at the picture, she is looking forward to a bright future!

  6. its sad to see kids being sent to work and away from school. i feel sadder seeing them beg, though :( its nothing short of an organized crime to send kids for begging.

  7. The image is beautiful, your words brake my heart! The only thing a photographer can do is foollow this girl, when selling roses, being beaten, crying, laughing (it’s a cute little girl), dreaming… Difficult photograpy maybe, but I think testifying is the best way.

  8. Amazing!!! simply amazing….i just wish that someday i too am able to reach a level of appreciation of the world around us as you have. your pictures are simply marvelous. for somebody who has always treated photography as a ‘part-time’ hobby, your blog and pictures are like a reminder of why is it that i love it so.

    thanks for sharing it all….

    regards…. ~ Nachi :)

  9. Very lovely image of a beautiful girl. Her situation is too common, we all need to remember that even the simplest things are out of reach for so many children.

  10. I get the sense that she is gazing into the distance to reconnect with that which she has lost. We each recollect our shattered hearts in unique ways. Humpty Dumpty will be put together once again.

  11. Hey, its not really a shattered dream yet. More than that, it captures the resilience and determination of the little girl. A very Nice photograph, beautifully captured. Really touched my heart. Hope to meet this little one and i promise i’ll buy the whole bunch of roses from her.

  12. यह उम्र फूल बेचने की नहीं, पढ़ने की है। लेकिन इस प्यारी सी, नन्ही सी, जान को यह सब करना पड़ता है। नहीं तो, काम न करने के लिये बस डांट मिलती है।

    इतने सुन्दर चित्र हैं इसमें अंग्रेजी के साथ हिन्दी में भी कुछ क्यों नहीं लिखते।

  13. Nice click Joshi…!

    Human face in your pics shows your human angel, too.
    I am using your picture with my new year poem, hope you will have no any problem, however if you have any objection, I will remove it, immediately.
    Hope we will enjoy your click, more in the years to come…

    CA. Kashyap Kishor Mishra, ISA

    Link of use;-

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