It’s a hard life

Black and white street portrait of an old man from Mcleod Ganj, Dharamsala
Old man | McLeod Ganj, Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh, India

91 Replies to “It’s a hard life”

  1. thats a very sad portrait…. damn!! look likes a man who has seen a lot and done lot … hardship… its touching!! truly beautiful!!

  2. Signs of life – perfect framed. The technique here works out the face, brings feelings in my view. Oh joshi, I think there’s the absolute need for showing larger sizes! :D … Cheers

  3. Cada vez que entro en tu web me quedo asombrado con esos retratos llenos de sentimientos, este en especial por esos rasgos bien marcados mostrando los años que a pasado en su vida.

  4. its definitely hard life…”but its said “life isnt fair but its still gud” d emotions in dis pic r such dat he seem to fighting it bravely spiritedly….luk at dos eyes dey seem to b talking here….its lovely capture of man’s story thru dis portrait…great shot …i turned speechless after seing ur dis old man’s portrait which is mor striking dan last old man’s pic ..well done…

  5. One can truly see through his eyes and face where he is at and where he has been in his life.

    Great photos as always.

    Keep using your eyes by seeing through your heart

  6. What an amazing and impressive Portrait. … And an interesting question: Do you ask the people before shooting? Anyway…. Keep on watching. Your pics are beautiful.
    Best wishes,

  7. I seriously don’t have the right words,and the correct adjectives to use here..and u are tired of hearing how perfect it is..well it is…AMAZING is not the word..ITS OUTSTANDING…

  8. I’m sure that you don’t need anyone-either me or someone else-to tell you that you are a very good photographer. The piece is just awesome.

  9. Beautiful photograph,my instant reaction
    “चेहरा बयान कर रहा
    निरंतर ज़िन्दगी की धूप बहुत देखी
    अब शाम के धुंधलके में खडा
    इंतज़ार काली रात का कर रहा
    हसरत अभी भी दिल में है
    यादों के झरोके से थोड़ी सी धूप चुरा ले
    रात का फासला थोड़ा सा तो बढ़ा दे “

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