Dark side

A waste picker from Chowpatty beach in Mumbai, India
Waste Picker | Chowpatty beach, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

A waste picker on the look out for plastic bottles at the Chowpatty beach which is at the end of Marine drive. The beach was full of waste due to the high tide.

86 Replies to “Dark side”

  1. its darker reality of metro…sea lashes out all d waste dat v dump in it..dat waste is means of survival for many such ragpickers whom u find several places picking up such waste…
    u hav captured it well….lovely depiction of common man’s life…great backdrop of sea/towers/dirty waste..and him doin dark job witout any inhibitions….

  2. a classic shot.. two contrasting world in one shot!!.. the inconsiderate and developed side and the darker side of merely surviving… pretty touching shot!! mwah!!

  3. Una fotografia que habla por si sola, llena de sentimientos… los cuales estan surgiendo dentro de mi al verla.
    Buen trabajo, saludos.

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