Safe in my hand

Mask inside palm
Self-Portrait | Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

53 Replies to “Safe in my hand”

  1. Thanks for sending the flickr invite to see your blog. It’s very nice, great images!

    I am an ebook ghostwriter and would enjoy working with you, if ever you want to gain more exposure or sales with your photography.

    Let’s keep in touch,


  2. What a work sakhave!

    One hell of a pic. How many times would I have held that mask on my hands too. Not once could I see it the way you saw it man. Hats off.

    And the Channa wala pic – My man, it was as if I could smell it. Great eyes you have my friend. I am mighty impressed.

  3. seeing dis pic i am happy dat on aug8 u didnot find anything….dis further exemlifies ur calibre…or else who can mak a mask held in hand into grt pic..its”joshi daniel photography” dat has mad it luk such a grt pic to admire at…awesom pic my frnd…umaahh….i truely apreciate d pic as well as d photographer……

  4. Brilliant idea…loved the use of the white bg and the curl of the fingers on the top…it gives an impression of a cradle :)

  5. There is something so wonderful about this picture.. I just can’t put it in words. The caption “safe in my hands” adds more meaning to the capture. I know you heard this from almost everybody who visited your site. But .. I cannot stop myself from saying that… You are brilliant!

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