Caught under the Cascades

A man with umbrella standing under a waterfall
Man with umbrella standing under a waterfall | Jog Falls, Sagar, Karnataka, India

169 Replies to “Caught under the Cascades”

  1. Love how you capture so many different expressions, really good photography. Love this shot the most…so peaceful yet whimsical. nice work!

  2. Awesome. Can almost hear the thunderous sounds of the cascade. And umbrella? Wonder if it did not fly off in the wind.

    Have you seen a Tamil movie called Rhythm ? The songs in this movie are based on, Water, Fire, Wind, Earth and Sky. The photography in the song in praise of water is taken before a waterfalls. I loved it.

  3. Wow! This one is too beautiful and I am certainly sharing it with everyone. Your pictures do say a lot, without words! Beautiful work…

  4. Thank you for liking “The Witching Post.” This is a great example of using scale to create a dramatic image. The waterfall is beautifully large, powerful, and surreal, while the man seems so small and insignificant next to it. Excellent work! :)

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