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Category Archive: Portrait

Smile with your heart

Smiling portrait of an old woman from Rajasthan

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Master of the house

Chandramodi Chettiar sitting at the courtyard of his Chettinadu Manision

Filling the emptiness

black and white portrait of an old man with spectacles smoking beedi


black and white portrait of a blacksmith from jaisalmer in rajasthan

Back from the dead

portrait of ajesh oommen with bandaged face


haggard face of an old man from east fort in trivandrum

Open your soul to music

black and white portrait of singer job kurian

Rajasthani folk dancer

rajasthani folk dancer from kala ghoda arts festival

Years defined in grey

portrait of an old man with turban from ramgarh in rajasthan


black and white self-portrait of joshi daniel

Peering through the eerie darkness

eerie portrait of ajesh oommen

Raktha Chamundi Theyyam

raktha chamundi theyyam

Eyes full of questions

black and white portrait of a young boy from jaisalmer

Let go of the pain

portrait of konkana bakshi lying on the floor

The devil in me

devilish self-portrait of joshi daniel

Mysterious smile

portrait of a lady from jodhpur in rajasthan

Behind the scenes of Kathakali

behind the scenes of kathakali

Every girl has a dream

portrait of a young girl from rajasthan