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Tired feet

feet of a young boy who was sleeping in the platform of dadar railway station in mumbai india

A lady as sparkling as her eyes

a rose seller as sparkling as her eyes from dadar flower market mumbai india

Flower seller from Mumbai

A rose seller with a bunch of red roses from Dadar flower market, Mumbai, India

A captivating glance

captivating eyes of a banana seller from the streets of mumbai india

Different destinations

people crossing road and going to different destinations in churchgate mumbai india

Silhouette of a man with umbrella

Silhouette of a man with umbrella on a cloudy day at Marine Drive, Mumbai, India

In these hands

roses in the hands of a rose seller from dadar flower market mumbai india

Shattered dreams

shattered dreams of a cute little girl who sells roses in marine drive mumbai

It’s all about the perspective

A lady takes photographs in front of Gateway of India in Mumbai

A ray of hope

portrait of an old man from null bazaar mumbai india

Dark side

a waste picker from chowpatty beach in mumbai india

Monsoon wait

A relaxed Girl at Marine Drive, Mumbai, India


A dabbawala with tiffin boxes at Churchgate railway station, Mumbai, India

Roadside Barber

A roadside barber at work in Chor Bazaar, Mumbai, India

Itinerant of Mumbai

itinerant of mumbai india

Gazing holi girl

Portrait of a gazing girl taken during holi the festival of colors from Versova beach, Mumbai, India

Traditional pottery making in Dharavi

traditional pottery making in dharavi mumbai

Kathakali mudra

kathakali mudra from kala ghoda festival 2009 mumbai india