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Minukku vesham in Kathakali

Portrait of a Kathakali performer in Minukku vesham

Behind the scenes of a wedding

Black and white photograph of a bride getting her make-up done, shot on a Yashica-A TLR camera

A young Kattai koothu performer

A young Kattai kooth performer during his make-up session at the Mylapore festival in Chennai

Dushasana vesham in Kathakali

Portrait of a kathakali artist in dushasana make-up

Reflection of a Kathakali artist doing make-up

Reflection of a kathakali artist doing make-up

Kathakali artist Kalamandalam Gopi doing make-up

Reflection of kathakali artist Kalamandalam Gopi doing make-up

Chuvanna Thadi (Red Beard)

chuvanna thadi (red beard) make-up of dussasana in kathakali


reflection of kathakali artist kalamandalam ratheesan doing make-up

Kathakali make-up

a kathakali artist doing make-up

The make-up

portrait of ottam thullal artist kalamandalam prabhakaran doing make-up