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wide-eyed portrait of a young boy from worli in mumbai

In agony

hands of an old man in agony from andheri station in mumbai

A warm smile

portrait of an old man with a warm smile from bhuleshwar in mumbai

Hope in those shiny eyes

portrait of a young boy from a street in mumbai

Traditional ear cleaner

a traditional ear cleaner at work in streets of bandra in mumbai

In her own world

portrait of a cute girl from parel mumbai

Heading home

a villager heading back home after grazing cattle in malavli in maharashtra

Tired feet

feet of a young boy who was sleeping in the platform of dadar railway station in mumbai india

A lady as sparkling as her eyes

a rose seller as sparkling as her eyes from dadar flower market mumbai india

Flower seller from Mumbai

A rose seller with a bunch of red roses from Dadar flower market, Mumbai, India

A captivating glance

captivating eyes of a banana seller from the streets of mumbai india

Different destinations

people crossing road and going to different destinations in churchgate mumbai india

Silhouette of a man with umbrella

Silhouette of a man with umbrella on a cloudy day at Marine Drive, Mumbai, India

In these hands

roses in the hands of a rose seller from dadar flower market mumbai india

Shattered dreams

shattered dreams of a cute little girl who sells roses in marine drive mumbai

It’s all about the perspective

A lady takes photographs in front of Gateway of India in Mumbai

A ray of hope

portrait of an old man from null bazaar mumbai india

Dark side

a waste picker from chowpatty beach in mumbai india