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The bride awaits

A bride’s mehndi painted hands on her wedding day

Coffee at Shree Ram

A man serving coffee at Hotel Shree Ram in Mahalaxmi, Mumbai

Mehndi painted hands

Black and white photograph of a lady’s hands painted with mend for a wedding


Black and white portrait of an old man from Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu


Black and white photograph of a girl's hands behind her back

Traps of mind

Traps of mind self-portrait of joshi daniel

Be gentle

Girl holding a flower

Getting ready to explore more

self-portrait of joshi daniel getting ready to explore more


black and white self-portrait of joshi daniel


pottery making from tamil nadu

A little light can illuminate your world

man holding an oil lamp

In agony

hands of an old man in agony from andheri station in mumbai

Sanctity of marriage

bride chandini madhavan performing a ritual from a south indian wedding

Self-portrait holding rose

Self-portrait of joshi daniel holding a red rose

In these hands

roses in the hands of a rose seller from dadar flower market mumbai india

Smoking girl

A girl smoking cigarette in Starbucks coffee in Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Art nude with mehndi

fine art nude of a girl with mehndi on her hands

Kathakali mudra

kathakali mudra from kala ghoda festival 2009 mumbai india