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Unity is strength

Fishermen taking the boat to sea at Shankhumugham

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Paniya tribe woman

A paniya tribe woman from Wayanad, Kerala

Peanut seller

Peanut seller on a rainy day at Trivandrum in Kerala, India

Perfect poise

Silhouette of a tourist girl from Kovalam beach in Kerala


Velakali performace in front of Sree Padmanabhaswamy temple in Trivandrum, Kerala

Muchilottu Bhagavathi Theyyam

Muchilottu Bhagavathi Theyyam

Mind at ease

A fisherman sitting near a catamaran at Shankhumugham

Ayyappan Theeyattu: Kalamezhuthu

Ayyappan Theeyattu: Kalamezhuthu (Drawing the Kalam of Lord Ayyappa)

Life is hard

Black and white street portrait of an old man from Tamil Nadu, India

Attukal Pongala

Women performing the Pongala ritual during the annual Attukal Pongala

Reading liberates the mind

Marathi man with topi reading newspaper

Laid back

Laid back black and white portrait of an old man from Pune

Happy Valentine’s Day

A couple enjoying rainbow at Vizhinjam

Smoking Naga Sadhu

A naga sadhu smoking chillum during the kumbh mela 2010 in haridwar

Jallikattu (bull taming sport)

Jallikattu (bull taming sport) from Palamedu in Madurai district

Shadow of a smile

Black and white portrait of an old man from Tamil Nadu, India

Unconditional love

Portrait of little girl from Tamil Nadu with her puppy

Unwind yourself

A relaxed curly haired tourist girl sitting at Kovalam Beach in Kerala