Kathakali make-up

A kathakali artist doing make-up

Kathakali make-up | Trivandrum, Kerala, India

Kathakali has a very elaborate make-up. The make-up can be mostly classified into five types namely Pacha (Green), Kathi (Knife), Kari (Black), Thadi (Beard) and Minukku (Prettying Up). Pacha portrays noble protagonists, Kathi portrays villainous characters, Kari is used for lady-demons, Vella Thadi (White Beard) is used for super human characters like Hanuman (the Monkey God), Chuvanna Thadi (Red Beard) for evil characters, Karutha Thadi (Black Beard) for the hunter and the Minukku vesham is used for female characters and sages.

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